• The following synopsis is informed predominantly by my experience in communications science and hypnosis. It is more for my edification than anything, a reflective study on a historical event in realtime. Therefore, I ask that you forgive the absence of background for terms and notions peculiar to the field. The combination of direct proclamations of goals, a record of success, and common-sense reasoning makes the first half persuasive and focused on the Right, which requires results above all else. The second half exploits the inevitable fatigue of the audience via a plethora of special guests whom highlight compassion, the primary interest of the Left, and therefore demands applause on both sides of the aisle. This gradual unification builds the tension

  • Consciousness Over Easy I like to think from the top-down. It is simply my tastes that compel me toward this approach, yet I find that it lends itself to philosophy as well as  scientific theorizing. Yet, as any scientist will quickly relay, the bottom-up approach is much more important for the execution  of the empirical method that is ultimately responsible for the discernment of reliable fact versus speculation. I anticipated from an early age that if I were to have to endure the tedium of bottom-up processes such as reproducing results and detail-oriented experiments, that I'd make it worth it. I would go for the biggest problems I could find, the alpha and omega kind of problems that lie are the very

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